I am software engineer with broad experience in developing system and embedded software, full-stack and mobile applications.

I am in constant search of simplicity, performance and integrity when conceiving computational systems.

I formally studied Computer Science:

  • I have a Ph.D. degree from Yale University (2010). I became a researcher and expert in Formal Semantics and Program Verification.
  • I have a M.Sc. degree from Unicamp (2001). I wrote a complete implementation of the JVM, including AOT/JIT compiler and system runtime; it was called JewelVM.
  • I have a B.Sc. degree from UFMG (1998). I acquired a strong systems background and had lots of fun writing program in C, C++, Pascal, assembly and others.

I would like to grown my career as an open-software developer:

  • Cashu is a non-custodial mobile crypto wallet.
  • crypto-java is a crypto primitives library written from scratch and supporting the most popular cryptocurrencies.

I am a decentralization advocate and blockchain enthusiast.

I know the internals of Bitcoin.

I love compilers and code optimization.

I have plenty of ideas to improve programming languages and tools.

I have written a couple of published papers.

I have received multiple scholarships.

I have once won 2 out of 3 prizes in a hackathon.

I have written compiler code for a large graphics card manufacturer.

I have written a commercial grade hotel booking system.

I write mostly TypeScript, Python, C and Rust programs.

I code with gedit and a bash console.

I know how to write certified code and prove program properties using Coq.

I usually remove comments and style other people’s code before I read.

I demand the use of type systems in programming.

I spend more time naming and organizing things rather than implementing them.

I believe at least 20% of the time should be devoted to refactoring.

I document for my older self, to read in 5 years.

I do not allocate all my working hours to others.

I lived abroad for more than 7 years.

I start phrases with I… Apparently!